Taking the creative challenge

So, it’s been… a while since my last update. Sorry about that. I don’t have much of an excuse. The longer I went without blogging, the more awkward it seemed to go back to it. But awkward or not, I’m going to try to revive this blog. No better time then now. (My brother didn’t accept my  ‘Can’t work. There’s a guinea pig on my keyboard.’ excuse. Maybe because it was a plush guinea pig… that I put there.)

I may not have blogged in the past three years, but I’m still writing, still reading writing books, and still going to conventions. At the last convention I went to (MarsCon in Williamsburg, VA), I bought a CD of a concert given by the Musical Guest of Honor (S. J. Tucker, who was amazing). I was listening to it recently, and one of the things she talks about is this song writing challenge she participated in. It scared her at first, but she found herself looking forward to it as time went by. She encouraged everyone else to participate in creative challenges especially ones that scared us.

As it happens, I’m preparing to enter a creative challenge myself. I’m sure everyone here has heard of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, for short). I know I mentioned it forever ago in the blog. What you may not know is they do a less structured version in the spring and summer. Camp NaNoWriMo is in April and July this year. I’ve participated a few times, winning some, losing others. But I’m trying again.

In fact the story I plan to write is a challenge itself. I came up with the bare bones of the idea in about fifteen minutes while walking home about nine years ago. Then I put it on the back burner. The story is about a girl who wants to be a Storyteller, a man’s job in a world where gender roles are sharply defined. It doesn’t help that she has the wrong kind of magic.

I never completely dropped the story, but it’s been in the back of my head for a long time. Because, in order to write the story, I have to invent the mythos of the world. It’s something I’ve never gotten around to. But when I mentioned this idea to my brother, he loved it, and insisted I try it for this Camp NaNoWriMo.

So, a challenge. One I’m a little intimidated by, honestly. And while I’m at it, I added another challenge. It’s time to go back to weekly blogging. I hope that I manage to find some readers.

To anyone who is reading, I encourage you to take up your own challenge. Maybe it will be a formal challenge like Camp NaNoWriMo, or maybe something self-imposed, like writing a page a day. Feel free to share your favorite challenges or least favorite challenges in the comments.

For anyone interested, my user name on Camp NaNoWriMo is Writerwyrm. Feel free to check on me and see how well I’m doing on this challenge. Next week: Back to Worldbuilding 101: Building a Mythos.