Happy New Year!

C Novam Godom. That’s Happy New Year in Russian. (Well, close enough). I am having computer issues again, but hopefully can work through them.

In honor of the numerous Weres in my story, and that 2018 is a year with some interesting lunar phenomena, for the next year, I will be posting something moon related every full moon. We’ll call them ‘Full Moon Festivities’. While the different things may be posted in different mediums, I will make sure to post a link here and a collection on the website. Since the first full moon of the year is also the first day of the year (Tomorrow), come back tomorrow and see what gets posted.

I would also like to announce that I will be a panelist at Marscon 2018 in January. The 12th through 14th, to be precise. Any of my readers live in that area, I’ll be happy to talk to you. And I have giveaways.

See you next year!


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