Meeting the challenge

Or, don’t blow your New Year’s Resolution on the first day.

So, it’s a new year, good time to take stock, figure out where you want to go next, right? That’s what’s with the whole New Year’s resolutions anyway. So, was writing on your list? It was on mine. My rather ambitious list. That I didn’t write down. Or tell anyone. So if nothing happens…

Not exactly the best way to motivate. No, first off, keeping your resolutions actually doable is a good way to avoid frustration. Is my list doable? I have no idea, because I haven’t actually written it down, or gotten it in a solid form.

Second, some form of accountability is good. Write your list down so you can’t forget it. Even better, tell people what you want to accomplish. Better still if you can get them to try with you.

Third, make sure it actually does matter to you. Your more likely to succeed in a goal that you care about than one you don’t.

Four, make your plans concrete. Resolving to write a short story every month is more likely to happen than resolving to write more short stories. Saying that you’ll walk a mile three times a week works better than saying you’ll exercise more.

Five, find a way to reward yourself for succeeding. (If you are trying to lose weight, avoid food based rewards as much as possible). Maybe say you can’t buy that new game you want until… Or that you can do this that you’ve always wanted to do once you…

Six, actually do what you resolved to do. If you put it off, you’ll find plenty of excuses not to do whatever it is. But make a point of doing it, and keep it up.

So, is writing on your resolutions list? If writing is a priority to you, it probably should be. Find a way to challenge yourself. Say you’ll write x number of words over y period of time. Decide to submit to z number of markets. Decide to try a creative challenge. One of mine is to try to write a short story every week (heaven alone knows if I can manage that.). I’m also resolving to use social media more, like my blog, Pinterest and Facebook. For example, the Full Moon Festivities (first one is up).

Anyone want to share their resolutions?

P. S. Here are some guides on keeping resolutions.

First full moon festivities is up. History of the Werewolf. Includes werewolf jokes. Some are real howlers.


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