Thanks and apologies

First of all, you guys are awesome and I love you all. I was amazed at the turnout for a post I was so unsure of. Thank you so much. Secondly, I must apologize. Both my phone and computer are going through serious issues, and it looks like I may have to replace one or both. Something I’m not sure I can afford to do. Because of that,  I am having trouble posting or even just getting the computer to work properly long enough to write a post (I’m borrowing someone else’s right now). There will be no blog, Pinterest, or Facebook this week, I’m sorry. Hopefully a solution will be found quickly and cheaply and I can resume normal schedule next week.

Speaking of Pinterest, I’ve been using Quozio to pin quotes from my books. A nice program, but a little limited. Can anyone recommend a good free, preferably non-download program to make quotes? It has to work on PC because my smart phone is more of a dumb phone. Thank you so much for your patience and support.



Sorry I’ve been off for awhile. Sometimes I get blocked and then distracted. I hope to have a real post on Monday. But in the meantime, I’m pleased to make a few announcements.

Knightfall, the sequel to The Pawn’s Play, is now out as the second book in the Hyde Chronicles. Available on Createspace and Amazon. First chapter can be read for free here.

I now have a Facebook and a Pinterest account. Each has unique items that are not available elsewhere. With a little luck and organization, the plan is to release a blog post on Monday, new pins on Wednesday, and something new on Facebook on Friday. Being me, this probably won’t work out for long, but here’s hoping. Check them out.

Nightmare’s Revenge, second book in the ‘Moonlight Memories’ series will be available on Halloween. First chapter will be available soon. Sneak peek of the cover is available on Pinterest.

I will be a guest at Marscon (Jan. 12-14) and Ravencon (April 20-22). New announcements coming soon.